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Helpful tips to help Marquette Customers get the most our of their banking relationship with Marquette while keeping their accounts safe and secure.

Keeping your accounts secure at the ATM
July 8, 2015

Protecting the privacy of your Debit Card Pin Number is a top concern for prevention of criminal activity targeted at making illegal withdrawals from your savings or checking accounts.  ATM Skimmers are devices that can be attached to an ATM or debit purchase machine by a criminal for the purpose of stealing your PIN (Personal Identification Number) which can provide access by the criminal to your accounts. This article will provide information about ATM Skimmers and what to look for when you are making deposits, withdrawals or payments when using ATM or debit machines. Continue Reading

Phishing Scams
August 14, 2015

Today the biggest complaint and issue we are seeing here at Marquette Information Security involves customers that are targeted using phishing scams. Phishing is a criminal technique that attempts to collect personal and financial information from intended targets through persuasion. By attempting to establish a sense of urgency by creating a fictitious problem or situation that "requires immediate action". The situation presented is usually security related such as: "You must provide us with your account information now to avoid criminals from accessing your account". Attempts such as these are typical and rely on our fear of having our online security compromised and our money stolen. Phishing is typically a form of online scam, but it  can happen through phone calls or text messages as well. Continue Reading

You've been what?
August 14, 2015

The term hacking refers to any technical effort to manipulate computer network connections and connected systems for the purpose of computer sabotage, theft or other criminal activity.  In today's world of multiple interconnected electronic devices hacking can occur through your mobile phone and tablet as well as your desktop or laptop computer. No matter how many security measures you take, there is always a chance you will be hacked. Just like driving a vehicle, you can always be as safe as possible, but accidents happen. Think of it in terms of medical diagnoses, if you detect the "hack" early, you will be able to minimize the damage the "Hacker" can do. Continue Reading

 Phishing. What is it and how to protect your account from it
August 14, 2015

One of the most popular scams happening in the security world today is called phishing. Phishing attempts are emails, websites, or phone calls designed to steal money or information from your account.  Criminals use social engineering to convince you to install malicious software or provide criminals with information such as account numbers, social security numbers or passwords that allow access to your accounts and enable them to make transfers to an account they establish to steal from you undetected. Continue Reading


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